Pokmon’s Joy Con to arrive in 2018

The Pokmon series has been one of Nintendo’s most successful and well-known franchises, and it seems the Switch version will be the next big thing.In a recent interview with Game Informer, Pokmon game director Hiroki Sakai revealed that Pokmon will be released for the Nintendo Switch in 2018.Nintendo has confirmed that the Pokmon games will […]

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How to make a ceiling fan switch for your office

CIRCUIT-MATE, Minn.— (AP) The next generation of smart switches will make your office a more efficient and convenient place to work.It’s an idea that’s been around for some time, but now there’s an emerging class of switches that make the office more efficient, and more convenient for employees.These smart switches are designed to replace and […]

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Why the switch? | CNN title What’s next for doom switch?

After three months of trying to keep the company afloat, Google is finally going public, and its stock is soaring.It is now worth about $400 billion, according to Bloomberg.The announcement on Wednesday marks a milestone for Google.It has been a long and difficult road.For the past year, the search giant has been trying to fend […]

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What the heck is a code switch?

Nintendo Switch is a game console powered by the next-gen Nintendo Switch console and will be available to buy on September 25.It has been delayed several times over the last few months, but with the console’s unveiling at CES in January, it looks like this is finally the year we finally get our hands on […]

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How to switch your Switch from one console to the other

If you’re a Switch owner, it’s probably a good idea to upgrade to the Nintendo Switch Pro, as you can’t get the full power of the console on the Pro.Switch Pro will have its full potential if you’re looking to play online or have a game running on your TV.However, the Pro is not a […]

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