The switch games: What’s new with the Switch

New Switch games are the new trend in video games.With some notable exceptions like Splatoon 2 and Pokémon GO, the Switch has been known for the sheer number of games released every year.The Switch’s success, however, has also brought some controversy to the system.In the past, Nintendo has been accused of creating games with too […]

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When the Switch goes to the store

The Nintendo Switch has just been announced at an event in Tokyo, Japan, but you can buy it today from your local Nintendo retailer for just $129.95.The console is also available for purchase from online retailers, but that will be an additional $30.99.This is an amazing deal, and we are glad that Nintendo has done […]

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Why the Switch’s ‘Mobile Phone’ Display Matters

When it comes to smartphones, the Switch is a great smartphone, but the Switch mobile phone is actually the first device I’ve ever used.It’s been out for months now, and for good reason.The Switch’s camera is superb, the screen is gorgeous, and the Switch keyboard is one of the best in the market.And the Switch […]

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Why the Best Buy switch is so important

The Best Buy Switch is an essential device for any home automation user.It allows for seamless switching between various devices and has been around for a while, but the Switch has never been available on Amazon.Now, Amazon is offering the Switch as a buy now, and with the release of the new Amazon Fire TV, […]

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How to fix Donald Trump’s ‘fake news’ problem

Donald Trump is still being told that his administration is the most honest in history.But is it true?The President is now being told by his own government that its the most transparent.He is being told this by a top official in the White House, the same official who has been telling the country that he […]

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How to Get a Nintendo Switch Cover in the First Place

The Switch will come with a cover.It will be $200.It’ll come with two colors.It’s a Switch.You can get a Nintendo cover for the same price, it’s not just the Switch.The Nintendo Switch cover, which comes in a variety of sizes and colors, is the most sought-after Nintendo product for retailers and consumers.It is the cover […]

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