Mario 64 switch says ‘switch plate cover’ in Nintendo Switch teaser

Nintendo Switch is out in stores and online, but it seems that the Switch plate covers have changed.

In an Instagram post, Nintendo posted a video to Instagram that shows a “Switch Plate Cover” on a Switch.

The video shows a Switch Plate Cover on a Nintendo Switch, and it’s not clear if that’s a “switch plate” or a “plate cover” with the Switch logo.

In the video, Nintendo says “Switch plate cover in game!”

The video has over 5 million views and over 10,000 comments, so there’s probably a lot of interest in this video.

We’ll update this article if we get more information.

The Switch plate cover has also been featured on the Nintendo Switch store, but we can’t find any other information about it.

This is a big change, especially as Nintendo hasn’t made any announcements about this Switch Plate cover.

The switch plate covers also have a sticker that looks like a “Nintendo Switch” sticker.

If Nintendo does reveal this Switch plate, it will be an interesting move.

Switch Plate covers are not the only new feature in the Switch this week.

Nintendo is also showing off a new Switch controller.

Switch controllers have always been a part of the Switch lineup, and the Switch Switch controller is a new addition.

Nintendo says it will have 10 controllers in stores in the US, and will have more controllers to be released later in the year.

This controller features a Joy-Con attachment, which will let you play more with your friends, or take part in a multiplayer mode.

Nintendo also showed off some gameplay footage with a new Mario Kart 8 title, Mario Kart: Ultra Smash.

We have no idea what that title will be like, but Nintendo did show off some new screenshots of a new game called Mario Kart 9, and we expect it to be a Mario Kart title.

We’re also hoping to see more new Mario games on Switch this year, so keep an eye out for more information about Switch.