Nintendo Switch – GameStop

Nintendo Switch is now on sale at retailers across the US.

The Switch, a portable system with a touchscreen, has sold out at most GameStop stores, but retailers are not reporting the exact number of units.

Switch has sold over 1.2 million units, with over 1 million units purchased at GameStop.

The company also said that it is adding over 300,000 Switch consoles to its global warehouse.

Switch will ship in November for $299.99 and will be available at GameStops and Best Buy stores nationwide.

The game console is the most expensive Nintendo product to launch, and the company has had to battle with Amazon to get the console into stores.

The Nintendo Switch will be sold at select retailers in North America, South America, Europe, and Japan.

It is the company’s third Nintendo console and third game system, following the Switch and Wii U. It was also released in December 2016, and was released as a pre-order bundle with a Switch.

Nintendo Switch has launched on August 1, 2017.