What do you do if you’re forced to watch Mario Sunshine?

After being forced to view the movie “Mario Sunshine” during an hour-long blackout, some Nintendo Switch users have begun posting about how they don’t feel the same way.

The Switch is out for the holidays, and the company has promised that the next update to the game will be out on Christmas Day, but a number of Switch owners have posted videos of them experiencing the game’s new features.

Users of the Nintendo Switch are being asked to post on the company’s official YouTube channel about how much they enjoy the game.

One user posted a video of a Switch playing the game for the first time on the console, and another wrote about how the Switch feels like a brand new machine.

Another user posted about how his Switch felt new and different to other Switch consoles, and it’s no surprise that a lot of people are enjoying it.

In another video, a Nintendo Switch owner described the Switch’s Joy-Con controllers as “so much more responsive than the controller we had with us on our first Switch,” and the Switch controller seems to be making a difference.

One Reddit user even shared his Switch’s “comfort pad,” which allows him to use a joystick and a touch pad.

Another video from an Apple Store employee shows how comfortable it is to play a game on a new Switch, and an iPhone app even has a guide for people to use the Joy-Cons for more “realistic” action.

Some users have posted about playing the new Nintendo Switch game “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” while the Switch is off.

Another Nintendo Switch user is playing the “Super Mario Odyssey” on a different console than his Switch.

One Nintendo Switch player said that “it feels great,” but added that “some people won’t like the controls.”

Another Nintendo user told The Verge that he’s still having issues playing the Switch on the couch because it feels too much like the console he has with him.