How to use a blue switch keyboard to switch from your favorite Linux to Windows 8.1

By default, Microsoft’s Blue switch keyboard has an icon that looks like a red switch, and it is a red-colored keyboard.

But this icon does not have a red border.

If you are on a Windows 8 laptop or desktop computer, you can change the icon’s color to the same color as your desktop.

Windows 8 uses a “red” color for Windows 8 logo and icon, and a blue color for your desktop logo and icons.

If the icon is a blue-colored switch, then you can use the following instructions to switch between Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro versions.

To switch between the two versions of Windows, open the Settings app and select “Change device.”

In the “Device and system” section, scroll down until you find “Red Switch.”

Select it, then click “Change.”

The switch icon will now appear in the “Switch to” menu.

To use the blue switch, right-click the switch icon and select Properties.

Click “Red” to switch to the blue version of the switch.

If there are no red buttons, you will see a blue “switch on” button next to the switch, which will turn off the switch’s LED light.

If all goes well, you should see the switch turn off its LED light in the Windows 8 Control Panel, and the switch should now be fully functional.

To test the switch again, click the “switch off” button and you should be able to click the blue “blue” switch icon again.