Switch to the Nintendo Switch!

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article TechRadars title Switch, Wii U, and PS4 vs Xbox One, Xbox One S, PS4 Pro: Which will you play?

article Microsoft article Microsoft announced that it will release a new console, codenamed Switch, on June 10.

The company says it will offer a cheaper version of the Xbox One X with four gigabytes of RAM, and a more powerful version of its next-generation Xbox console, Xbox Scorpio, at a price tag of $400.

The Switch console will feature a touchscreen, and Microsoft says it is powered by the same chip and processing power found in the Xbox Scorpios, while also using the same Nvidia and AMD graphics chips as the Xbox Ones and PSX.

The new Switch console is scheduled to launch in June 2017.

Nintendo and Sony have previously announced their next-gen consoles for 2017, which will include a Switch console and a new version of their PlayStation 4 Pro.

Microsoft’s new Switch will launch on June 3.

It will cost $499 for the base model and $599 for the Pro.