How to Stop the ‘Balls’ from Falling Down Like a Bong, and Other Things to Do Before, During and After a Power Trip

How to stop the ‘balls’ from falling down like a bong, the classic “Bongs and Bongs” song from the late 80s, is now a popular song in 2017.

As a result, the internet is littered with stories of people getting “banged up” after the song and its accompanying video.

Here are some suggestions to help prevent this.1.

If the video is “super cool,” don’t worry.

Even if the video doesn’t look that exciting, it’s a video.

The video should have been super cool, and it’s easy to see why people might get upset by the “bongs and bongs” video.

The video doesn?t need to be super awesome, but it has to be a “good” video, and there should be some cool stuff going on in it.2.

It doesn?ll matter if the ball is bouncing on your head.

If you’re not sure if the “ball” is falling or not, try watching the video again.

If you notice that it is bouncing around your head, that?s a sign that it?s going to hurt.

It?s important to note that bouncing around on your body is dangerous and may be causing pain.

If that happens, it is okay to stop playing the video, because it may not hurt at all.3.

Don?t be scared of bouncing on a chair.

While it might seem like you should be careful when sitting on a couch or other hard surface, you don?t have to be.

The internet is filled with videos of people who got injured after bouncing on chairs, and they all happen while sitting on the same chair.

If your chair is too small for you, there are a few other things you can do.

If it is too large, you should consider getting a larger chair or other furniture.

If its a “mini-table,” try putting your knees or ankles on it and using your body weight to balance it.

If possible, wear a seat belt.

If there are no seats around you, try walking.4.

If something happens, try not to panic.

Don?t try to rush to the hospital or police station.

If a loud noise is happening, you probably shouldn?t worry about it.

People who are injured after jumping on chairs are usually okay, but if they are not, it may be better to take it slow and wait for the emergency services to arrive.5.

Don’t panic.

If anything goes wrong, just wait and see.

If everything is ok, you?ll feel okay.

If nothing happens, you are still fine.

If things do not go well, it?ll be good to keep playing the song until the end.


If someone has been injured and needs medical attention, try to calm them down.

Try calming your partner down if they get upset and start crying.

If they get hurt or upset, try taking a walk with them.

If this doesn?ts help, then go home and calm down.7.

If one of your friends starts to get hurt, talk to them about what to do.

Some people get angry and start yelling at each other, and you may get in trouble.

This is a good time to listen to someone else talk to someone who is hurt.

Ask for their help, and listen to what they say.

If none of your other friends are listening, call a friend to talk to you.

It is always best to have someone else around to talk with, so it?d help if you are the only one in the room.8.

Be respectful of other people who have been hurt.

Be respectful of others who have hurt.

Don???t be mean to them.

Some people get emotional and scream, which may cause a fight or an injury.

It may be easier to just talk to the person, if they can calm down and get calm.9.

If everyone is doing their best to keep everyone safe, it might be worth taking some extra time to do some extra stuff. Have fun!