Microsoft and Walmart to open new Walmart stores in the US

Walmart and Microsoft have confirmed plans to open two new stores in Florida.

The two stores, which will open this spring, will open at a Walmart Supercenter in Miami and a Walmart in Orlando.

The stores will be owned by the same company that operates the existing Walmart Supercenters in Miami, Orlando and Orlando. 

The stores will open in the same Walmart location that Walmart has opened in Canada, as part of a strategy to make the Walmart in Canada more attractive to consumers.

The announcement comes as the US has become increasingly popular as a destination for goods from overseas, including from Walmart.

Walmart has also been building up its presence in the United Kingdom, with the US now accounting for about three-quarters of the company’s UK retail sales.

Last year, Walmart said it would open a store in London, which was announced in February.

In April, Walmart also announced plans to begin shipping goods from China to the UK from 2020, with plans to double the number of the warehouses that it currently holds overseas to 1,300 by 2020.