Pokémon Go: The Official Nintendo Switch Guide

The official Pokémon Go app for Nintendo Switch has received a significant update with a few minor bug fixes.

According to Nintendo, the update is the latest in a series of bug fixes and improvements made to the game that will be rolling out over the next few weeks.

As per usual, the app has received an update on Thursday.

The update is also available on the App Store and Google Play.

While it is not clear what specific bug fixes the app received, the developers of the game have stated that the update has been tested by the game’s internal developers and is not an issue with the game.

The update also includes a few tweaks to the Pokémon Go experience, such as the ability to save a Pokémon and have it automatically revive when it is in the wild.

As the app continues to receive updates, the team will also be working on the next major update for the game on May 10.

Nintendo has not yet announced which major updates are coming for Pokémon Go.

Nintendo is releasing the official Pokémon GO app on iOS, Android, and the web for free.