NHL to sell Amiibo Cards in stores and online, starting Nov. 5

The National Hockey League is moving to sell the Amiibos in stores, as well as online, to support the league’s charitable work.

The Amiibe Cards will be available in the new store, which is located at the Minnesota Wild store on State Street in St. Paul.

The NHL has been selling Amiabots in stores for months.

The league is selling a limited number of Amiabs at its charity event for each team in its NHL season.

That includes the Wild and Dallas Stars.

The league’s team store at the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport will also carry the Amibo Cards.

“We are delighted to announce that the Minnesota Timberwolves, Minnesota Lynx and Minnesota Wild will be making available in store, online and on social media the Amibobs of the Minnesota Twins, Minnesota Stars and Minnesota Vikings as well,” the NHL said in a release.

“The Amibo Card offers fans an authentic and personalized look at the Twin Cities and its surrounding area, and we are excited to bring this to life in stores this fall.”

The Minnesota Wild, who are hosting the Stanley Cup Finals in St, Louis, are the only team that has a store.

The NBA has been working on the Amipods for a number of years.

The NBA’s store at The Palace in Oklahoma City will be selling the Amibe Cards this season.

The NFL has not announced a store location for the Amicobots.