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When you’re on the road, your phone is a key part of your safety and security.

But when you’re home, the best way to keep the lights on and your mind at rest is with the Switch, Nintendo’s next generation smart home device.

The Switch is expected to launch at a special price point, with the price of $299.99 starting on July 6.

That price is $20 more than the original Switch and $15 more than a previous generation Switch, the 2015 Nintendo Switch, which retailed at $249.99.

The price is also $10 more than an Amazon Prime Day sale, and $20 less than the cheapest price on eBay.

However, a handful of retailers are selling the Switch for a lower price than the Amazon Prime day sale.

The best deals can be found on eBay and

Amazon Prime Day DealsThe Switch will be sold at a select number of retailers on Prime Day, when the majority of the U.S. population is out of town.

Those retailers include Best Buy, Best Buy Express, BestBuy, Target, and Walmart.

Amazon is also selling the Nintendo Switch for $99 on a two-day event basis, starting on March 10.

Those stores include,, Amazon and eBay.

The Nintendo Switch will not be sold on Target or Walmart on Prime Days, but those stores will have Prime Day deals, too.

The deals are listed in the table below. and Target.comPrime Day DealsBest Buy is selling a Switch for less than $300 on PrimeDay.

If you’re in the U.

“The Nintendo team is constantly working on improvements to the Switch as part of our ongoing effort to make the Switch more convenient for consumers.

We’ve included some of these improvements in the new price structure for the Switch.

The price will increase on March 16, 2020, when we launch Prime Day at 10:00am PT.

Amazon is also allowing you to preorder the Switch at any time.