Mario Odyssey review: Is it worth it?

Nintendo is expected to reveal a new Mario game in the coming months.

This time around, it will be a new platformer in the Mario franchise, and the game will be released for Nintendo Switch.

Mario Odyssey is the latest in a series of Mario-themed games that have made Nintendo a household name, including Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Mario Kart 7.

Mario Odyssey will likely be the game that will get fans excited for the Switch, but it will also be a bit different to any other Mario game released in the last decade.

The Switch will be the first Nintendo console to support the new Switch Controller, which has been a big draw of Nintendo’s Switch platform.

It’s a lot like how Mario Kart fans have been enjoying the Nintendo Switch in recent years, so it’s not going to be as easy to jump into Mario Odyssey on the Switch.

The Switch will support up to four players in Mario Odyssey, though only one player will be able to play at a time.

The game is set in the Mushroom Kingdom, and you’ll be able play as Mario or Luigi, the latter of which can use the Switch’s Joy-Con controllers.

The Joy-Cons have a wide range of buttons and a tilt-up control scheme.

They also have a touchpad on the left and right of the controller, making it easier for players to move around the screen.

There’s a second Joy-Co button to the right of that.

The touchpad is used to tap to select objects, such as jumping or aiming for objects.

It can also be used to interact with menus, such a menus in the game.

This new controller also has a second thumbstick, which can be used for shooting objects in the background.

Mario can jump using the Joy-Pad, but he can also grab objects with his arms and legs.

This game allows you to jump between levels in Mario’s adventure.

Players will be in control of Mario and Luigi in this new Mario Odyssey.

The story will follow Mario and his friends as they traverse the Mushroom Land.

Mario is going to solve the mystery of the “Piece of Heart”, a piece of magic treasure that he finds in the Great Pit of Cephalon.

Mario will travel around the world in this game, but the world he finds himself in is a different one.

There are other worlds in the world, including the “Land of Storms”, which is a mysterious underwater island that has no known inhabitants.

The game is divided into five areas, each of which has its own story.

The player will need to explore the different areas, and each world will have its own level.

These are called worlds.

The goal is to explore every world in order to solve all of its puzzles.

Mario has to complete the level, which will unlock a trophy, which is unlocked when you complete all of the levels.

The main focus of this new game is to be able make Mario’s journey around the Mushroom World fun and exciting, rather than tedious.

Mario can jump across the level by holding down the jump button, but this doesn’t work very well.

You have to use your body to jump across, and this can cause you to fall.

You also have to be careful in this world, because the walls are slippery.

It might take a few tries to make it across a level, but Mario is always trying to get across to the next level as quickly as possible.

This is a lot of fun, but there are some technical challenges that Mario Odyssey may have to overcome.

There will be some puzzles that require a certain amount of stamina, such in the case of certain objects.

If the player gets too tired, they will fall and die.

You can use a stamina meter to gauge your health, but if you get too tired the stamina meter will drain.

There is also a “Stamina Check” feature in this version of Mario Odyssey that lets the player know how much stamina is left on their character.

It also shows a health bar, which you can use to check how much your character is losing or gaining.

There have been a lot more changes to the game compared to the last Mario game.

The first big change to Mario Odyssey is a new enemy.

This enemy will be called “Super Mario”, and it’s a red-and-white colorless dinosaur that has two arms.

The arms will be attached to a robotic arm, which allows the player to climb, swim and run in this environment.

There has also been a new move that is called “Mario Jump”.

Mario can use this move to leap across gaps in the floor, jump over objects and get into other areas.

There isn’t much more to this new move than it already has, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to take too long to learn.

You will also have the ability to throw a bomb that explodes if it hits an object or the ground, which isn’t new for Mario Odyssey or any other game.

The enemy will also throw