Why Nintendo Switch is so great

Nintendo Switch will launch in November for $299, the same price as its predecessor, the Nintendo 3DS XL.

The Switch is the company’s most recent big release, following the launch of the original Nintendo 3D and the Wii U in 2016.

The system’s biggest addition to the portable console line-up, though, is its new controller, the Switch Pro Controller.

The Switch Pro, which will be sold exclusively through select Nintendo retailers, offers three different controllers.

The main one has a touchpad and a directional pad, which is the same one found on the Switch.

It also has a tilt, swivel, and pivot.

The other two have a full analog stick, a trigger, and a d-pad, all of which can be swapped out.

Each one has three different types of triggers, and each has a different feel.

The first two, the DualShock 4 and the Joy-Con, are all available in white and blue.

The Joy-Cons, meanwhile, are in white, blue, and red.

The red is the more commonly seen one, with the white being the only color available for the JoyCons.

Each Switch Pro controller comes in two colors, black and blue, each of which has the Nintendo logo in its center.

The two Joy-CONs are the only two in the system with an accessory dock.

The dock is included with each Switch Pro.

The Dock allows the JoyCon to be used with a second Joy-con accessory.

This is different from the accessory dock on the Wii and Nintendo 3ds.

The Wii Remote and Wii U Pro Controller both come with an attachment dock, but the Wii Remote’s dock was limited to having a 3.5mm jack and the 3.0mm jack on the Nintendo Switch.

The Joy-Coins, which are also available in a white, black, and blue color, also have an attachment slot.

This allows the Pro Controller to be plugged into the Joy Con without removing it from the system.

The Pro Controller also has two additional ports for a wired connection.

The last Joy-Cap, the Joycon Grip, is a touch-pad and d-stick for the Dualshock 4, and the Pro Grip for the Switch pro.

It has a variety of functions.

The Dualshock 3 and the Switch 3 are compatible with it, but you will need to connect a controller that can control the Dual-Shock 4 (which requires the Dual Shock 3 and Switch Pro) to the Joy Cons to be able to use it.

This isn’t the first time Nintendo has added an accessory to the Switch console line.

Back in May, the company released a set of Joy-Cups for the Wii.

The new accessories are now available for pre-order on Nintendo’s website.

Nintendo says that pre-orders will begin on March 28.

Nintendo is also planning to release additional Joy-Sticks later this year, and will have a selection of different accessories for sale at retailers in March.