NFL says it will no longer use the word ‘switch’ to describe the new generation of video game consoles

The National Football League (NFL) announced Friday that it will stop using the word “switch” to describe upcoming consoles.

The announcement was made in a blog post that was published by the league’s Senior Vice President of Communications and Technology, Greg Wyshynski.

“In the wake of the announcement from Microsoft and Sony that they would not be able to continue using the term ‘switch’, the NFL has decided to drop the term from its official marketing material,” the post read.

“The NFL has always stood for the importance of diversity and inclusion in our society.

The NFL believes in the importance and the power of diversity.

The word ‘Switch’ is not appropriate.”

The post was followed by an email from Wyshyynski to fans.

“I want to personally apologize to all of you for the recent change to the word on our official marketing materials.

I want to thank you for your continued support, and I look forward to your continued understanding,” the email read.

Wyshyynksi said the NFL is making a few other changes to its marketing materials in order to make them more inclusive.

The new word will still be included in the marketing materials but will no long appear in the news release.

The NFL also made a statement to the media regarding its move.

“The NFL is continuing to work to be a welcoming place for everyone and will continue to take steps to make sure that our brand, brand messages and the way we deliver our product are inclusive and respectful of all people,” the statement read.

The statement continued, “The change will take place in the future and we look forward a day when we will be able continue to use the term in our marketing materials.”

The league also announced a new campaign that will debut on television starting this fall.

The campaign is called “The Switch.”

The campaign will be a new series of 30 minute commercials that will be broadcast on CBS, ABC and NBC.

The ads will highlight the positive benefits of the new consoles and what makes them so exciting to consumers.

It will also feature new features, including the ability to stream content from PlayStation Vue, Amazon Prime Video and other platforms.

The commercials will also highlight how the consoles are helping to diversify the gaming landscape.

“There are some gamers who have never experienced a console before and that is our goal.

To help them understand that these consoles are great, and the benefits that they bring to our society and to their communities, we have made the switch to an all-new advertising campaign, The Switch,” Wyssyynski said in a statement.”

While the Switch is a great step forward, it is not a silver bullet.

It is only a first step in the evolution of the gaming industry and our team has a long way to go.”

Wyssyynksis blog post said that the new campaign will air on CBS in the fall and on ABC in the spring.

The move follows Microsoft and PlayStation Vues announcements last week that they were pulling the plug on their Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles.

Both consoles are slated to launch in October.

The Microsoft and PS4 announcements prompted a number of questions about the future of the consoles.

Microsoft and Sony have said that they are going to make more consoles available at launch in 2020.

The first of those consoles, the Xbox One S, was announced last month.