Nintendo Switch gets a bigger release date, Nintendo reveals more details

Nintendo Switch has officially been announced as the world’s first Nintendo console, which will be released in June.

The Nintendo Switch will feature a 1TB hard drive, the first console in the world to support a dual-boot system, and will be priced at £249.

The console will be available in all regions and will launch in the UK, US, Australia, New Zealand and Germany.

It will be compatible with the Switch wireless charging pad and is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows devices.

The Switch is also set to feature a range of features that will be similar to those in the Wii U and PlayStation 4, including the ability to use up to three Joy-Con controllers at once, the ability for users to save up to eight games from their Switch library, and a variety of other new features. 

The Switch is the first Nintendo product to feature the dual-booting feature that enables a user to transfer games between a Switch console and the Wii or Wii U. It also features an updated controller layout and new hardware including a new touch screen. 

Nintendo has previously confirmed that it will be bringing a range to the console, including a Wii Remote, a new Nintendo Switch Controller, and an updated console that can use a Wii Dock and a Wii U Dock to charge it. 

“We’re excited to introduce the first portable Nintendo console in a long time.

This is the most exciting launch Nintendo has ever delivered and it’s a game changer for gamers around the world.

Nintendo Switch is a new system, with a brand new experience that will appeal to anyone with an interest in gaming, with its versatility, versatility and adaptability,” said Shigeru Miyamoto, CEO of Nintendo.

“We are very proud of the Switch and what it offers for gamers, and we’re working very hard to deliver great games and experiences to everyone.

We’ll be sharing more about the Nintendo Switch in the coming months.” 

The Nintendo Switch console will also be available for pre-order from Nintendo on the same day it goes on sale in the US.

The retail price will be £249, and it will release on June 14. 

There will be more details on the Nintendo Wii U console, as well as on the upcoming Switch and the upcoming Xbox One and PlayStation Vita. 

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