What is the ‘Reddit Switch’?

A lot of people ask me about the Reddit Switch, which was introduced last week. It looks pretty cool, I love it.If you want a more complete explanation of what Reddit Switch is, check out this video on the official Switch subreddit.But there are a lot of details that you have to know about it to […]

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How to fix Donald Trump’s ‘fake news’ problem

Donald Trump is still being told that his administration is the most honest in history.But is it true?The President is now being told by his own government that its the most transparent.He is being told this by a top official in the White House, the same official who has been telling the country that he […]

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How to use a switch to check for an eshop violation

By Jeff Marek – Updated May 29, 2019 05:13:08When you buy an NHL ticket, you can check if a ticket you bought is an approved eshop by opening the Ticketmaster app.This is a feature that has existed since the NHL started using Ticketmaster in 2016, and it’s easy to do.You can also use the app […]

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Nintendo Switch – GameStop

Nintendo Switch is now on sale at retailers across the US.The Switch, a portable system with a touchscreen, has sold out at most GameStop stores, but retailers are not reporting the exact number of units.Switch has sold over 1.2 million units, with over 1 million units purchased at GameStop.The company also said that it is […]

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Why Nintendo Switch has no remote light switch

Nintendos Switch remote light switches are now in stock and should be available soon, Nintendo announced today.The Switch remote lights are now available for purchase and can be found in stores, but if you’re looking for a different one, there are a few other options available.You can pick one up for $69.99 and it comes […]

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