Areca palm is a tropical tree, grows in a highly rainy environment bearing the scientific name Areca Catechu Linn. and selected in the tribe Areceae of the family Palmae. It is a tall palm with an important fruit known as Areca nut or betel nut.

Areca nut is a symbol of great culture and it is a holy fruit in Hindu religion. Areca nut has hard and fibrous outer covering called as a husk. Husk covers the endosperm which is an edible nut. Famous and familiar for chewing all-over India and eastern countries.

Areca Vita is made from Areca nut. It has around 90% of processed areca nut powder, which is a novel and world's first processed Areca nut powder by decreasing its carcinogenic alkaloids used for making a healthy drink. To make Areca vita it took a lot of research and development.

This type of new product innovation is required in the field of Agriculture and especially for Areca nut growing farmers because areca nut farmers are facing a lot of challenge in their market. Now about 85% of areca what they grow is used for pan masala and Gutaka and other carcinogenetic items. Areca nut is mixed with Tobacco to make all Gutka, Panmasala products. One or the other day this product is going to ban, then the whole areca industries will come to an end. This is not good for our farmers and our economy. Areca Vita would be the future for Areca plantation farmers to make their market. Areca Vita has a unique taste and industrial application.