An advantage to start-up Industries:

India produces around 7 lack tonnes of areca nut every year. The total production in the country stood at 7.02 lacks tonnes in 2015-16 against 7.27 lack tonnes in 2014-15. This shows there is no problem with the raw material. A lot of industries, they stop their production plants because of not in off supply of raw material but in this Areca vita production areca nut is the main raw material and above statistics say there is no problem in the raw material.

An advantage to Indian Economy:

Mainly Indian Economy is based on the Agriculture. Agriculture is the backbone of the country. Every innovation in agriculture strengthen the economy this is also one innovation in this sector. All the people who depend on the areca nut they get benefits out of this product Areca vita. Areca Vita becomes the Export product of Areca nut. According to European Union legislation, it is totally banned of any chewing tobacco product. But selling Areca nut without chewing tobacco and flavours, is valid. Areca vita is a powder of Areca nut and it is noncarcinogenic so Areca vita has a big wide market in Europe, America, south Asian countries. This brings up the large market and brings a good economic boost to the country.

An advantage to Healthy Body:

Areca Vita is a Healthy drink in all the aspects. It doesn’t have any chemical and 100% natural. The advantage of areca nut consumption are:-

  • Stroke Recovery: Betel nut extract is a great for stroke recovery, in accordance with InteliHealth
  • Anti-cavity Effect: In vitro research shows that water extract of Areca nuts exhibits antimicrobial activity towards strains of oral bacteria. Therefore, it is stated that its consumption might safeguard teeth from cavities. Chewing on Areca nuts might prevent dental plaque. Areca nut might have anti-bacterial effects, also it formerly was included like a toothpaste component to prevent cavities.
  • Prevents Anaemia: Areca nuts have been in use for several years like a medication to deal with anaemia in pregnant women. They’re good for making up for severe iron deficiency and low blood glucose levels. Frequent, however moderate, usage of Areca nut might help combat an iron deficiency.
  • Beneficial for Brain: It’s been discovered that those who have suffered a brain injury have demonstrated some reaction to Areca nuts. Usage of Areca nuts helps to improve speech as well as muscle control in such people
  • Relief from Stomach Worms: Consuming Areca nuts assist in the treatment of stomach worms just like the tapeworms and the roundworms. It will help avoid the problems associated with the stomach worms. Areca nut is among the best verifies that can help expel the stomach worms.
  • Prevents Cellular Degeneration: tannins contained in Areca nut are helpful in managing high blood pressure activity by inhibiting the reaction to both angiotensin I and II
  • Anti-depressant properties: In accordance with Ayurveda, Areca nut is considered to encourage the nervous system. Research into Areca nut shows that it does have got anti-depressant qualities. Tests on lab rats recommended that Areca nut extracts decreased stress brought on by swimming and tail-suspension.
  • Immunomodulatory properties: Taking Areca nut is assigned to rise in the immunomodulatory response. The extracts of Areca nut demonstrated modulation of arachidonic acid metabolism which influences the rise of platelet production.
  • Energy Booster: The reason behind its increasing popularity is its capability to boost energy. Thanks to its stimulating effects, users experience elevated levels of energy quickly upon chewing these types of nuts. Many states that it wakes them up and offers energy to continue with their day-to-day routine. So, chewing it might work to keep you wide awake for a long time, that is especially beneficial whenever driving overnight. The heightened alertness as well as increased ability to handle task comes from its active ingredient