Rabona Industries

Company's main objective is to bring value to the agricultural product. Farmers are the back bone of the country like India. It needs research in agricultural products like ARECA, Coconut, many spices. Rabona company got started to give more value to the Areca nut by making new innovative and medicinal healthy drink called ARECA VITA. The company does research on all the agricultural products and brings new production methods, machinery which helps our farmers. Areca nut is only used in Gutaka, Pansupari both are harmful to our body. Research says Areca nut is one of the special nuts which has chemicals called Arecoline and Natural polyphenols. The company has gone through many research to know about the effect of arecoline and polyphenols. By considering both positive and negative effect of areca nut company came up with a special process to make a more positive effect on health. Market survey says ARECA VITA is going to hit the market by its unique test and flavor. In addition to its health benefits.

The company always focus on the social and Economic development of the farmer society. This company is from the farmer to the farmers.

Directors/Shareholders:  Satish Bhat, Contact: +918389249334 and Prasanna Bhat, Contact: +918277384049

Address: Kavalakattu, Hegge, Heggarni, Siddapur, Uttara Kannada, Karnataka, India - 581331.

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Mr. Guruprasad Bhat



  • Qualification: MSc in Advanced Material science, University of Limerick Ireland and BE in Mechanical, JNNCE, Shimoga
  • Profession: Material Researcher in OREILLY GROUP Ireland
  • Contact: +353870942672, +353899696270(WhatsApp)
  • Address: Apartment 1, St Mary’s Road, Kingscourt, Co Cavan, Ireland (EU).

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