How to Turn Your iPhone into a Wii Motion Control Device

Nintendo Switch dock and motion control hub article The next-gen Nintendo Switch is now available, and you’re already itching to try it out.If you’re looking to get your hands on a Nintendo Switch console, the only real limitation is your ability to buy it online or at retailers.Here’s everything you need to know about buying […]

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Why Verizon’s 3G-only plans will work in the US

Verizon is working to bring 3G coverage to the US in its new handsets, with the company announcing it is switching to 3G for phones in the next few weeks.The announcement comes as Verizon continues to battle against rival Sprint for a bigger slice of the smartphone market.“Verizon has a long history of investing in […]

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How to unlock the Switch’s Nintendo Switch accessories

The Nintendo Switch’s new accessories are only available from Nintendo for a limited time.The Switch’s main accessory, the Capture Card Switch, is an HDMI cable that lets you use the Nintendo Switch as a capture card for your favorite Nintendo games.That way, you can play games on the Switch, such as Super Mario Run, without […]

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How to get the most from your car stereo

By now, most people have seen the first images of the new 2018 Mazda MX-5 sports car.But there’s one question that remains unanswered: what’s the best way to hear it?That’s the key to the 2017 Mazda MX5 sports compact.Its top-of-the-line audio system has a number of unique features and you’ll need to be ready for […]

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Nintendo Switch Switch news

Nintendo Switch has been a huge success, but one of its key features is the Switch GamePad, which was launched in Japan earlier this month.Now that the device has been widely available in the US, many gamers have taken to Reddit to ask about how the device works, and it turns out that the Switch […]

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